HW Hounslow

Since the Health and Social Care Act 2012 established Healthwatch as a new independent voice for people in our community, we have been working hard to help shape, challenge and improve local health and social care services.

Healthwatch Hounslow has become established as the consumer voice for health and social care. Through continued public consultations, engagement events in the community and representation  on scrutiny, quality and patient involvement committees. As well as presenting evaluative reviews of key service provision within the borough Healthwatch Hounslow has become established as an integral part of the community representing and reporting the public voice and highlighting within health and social care services areas for improvement and examples of positive service delivery.

The overall role of Healthwatch Hounslow is to engage and involve members of the public in the commissioning of Health and social care services. Through extensive community engagement and continuous consultation with local people, health services and the local authority we were able to identify a number of key themes, which we used to establish our key operational and strategic priorities. A clear understanding of the needs of the borough and the diversity that it represents on an ethnic, social, economic and representative level have informed our work moving forward.

Our Vision:

The vision of this organisation is to empower the communities of Hounslow to engage with and help steer the direction of health and social care services they utilise. Represent the consumer voice and identify emerging themes and trends that support better service delivery and undertake evaluative reviews of specific service provision and support recommendations to positively impact the community.

Healthwatch have successfully engaged with health and social care providers, commissioners and the general public to produce five evaluative reviews encompassing:

  • General practitioner access in accordance with the Prime Ministers Challenge Fund
  • The impact of the Ambulatory Emergency Care unit based at West Middlesex University Hospital
  • A patient perspective on Extra Care provision within the borough
  • Mental health provision for young people, including a review of child and adolescent mental health services, provision in schools and patient experiences.
  • Acute services based in the community, their impact and success in line with the King Funds recommendations.

Your Voice in Health & Social Care continue to provide strategic overview and operational guidance is provided by Healthwatch Hounslow’s Committee.

Our Board & Committee members are volunteers who were recruited through an open recruitment process. Ensuring Healthwatch Hounslow continues to be an effective organization, providing expertise and continuing commitment to shape local health and social care provision.