Emerging Communities

The Purpose of the Programme:

The emerging communities programme is designed to improve wellbeing and prevention through better information and advice. Through the production of accessible information aimed at promoting a healthy an active lifestyle to a wider audience, support families affected by ill health or disability to live well and feel supported, preventing care and support needs from having a negative effect on family life and promote good practice in supporting people to make informed choices about their care and support and support safe use of services provided directly to individuals

Emerging communities’ volunteer development program,  engages with growing emerging communities, in order to best identify and support their health and social care needs. Volunteer champions engage with emerging communities to better understand the prevalent needs of those communities and facilitate better understanding. This in turn enables us to understand the effective way in which we can recommend, to service providers, ways in which these emerging communities could better be assisted to improve wellbeing and prevention.

This development program allows us to access emerging communities, allowing us to have a better understanding of their key requirements.  Through the development of emerging communities volunteer champions we enable and facilitate a strong link between new and emerging communities that will promote the dissemination of appropriate information and advice promoting health and social care service provision to promote health and wellbeing and reduce isolation – information will be up to date and accurate, translated into accessible formats that clearly identify identified needs and concerns of each emerging community and give appropriate information as to services to access to promote greater interaction and reduce isolation.

Volunteer Champions:

Volunteer champions are recruited from emerging communities and trained to promote existing health and social care provision to act as an information conduit to interact with emerging communities, educate and inform emerging communities of new and existing services to address issues such as mental health, homelessness, general health and as a point of information to signpost emerging community groups to appropriate service access. Volunteer champions  crucially work with community groups to identify prevalent health and social care issues and ensure recognised areas of concern are tackled through education, awareness and better appropriate access to accurate information.

Volunteer champions are trained in engagement and receive volunteer coordination support to identify health and social care provision and appropriate access routes. By recruiting and training these individuals, it will give us an insight into how they understand and respond to information about health and care services.

These volunteers  act as a conduit between us and the different communities in order to best understand how these communities view our current health and social care system, highlight concerns they may be facing at present and promote systems and initiatives


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