Carer Support Service

What the Service Offers:

The carer support service offers emotional support, guidance, education and awareness to carers via Carer Support Volunteers (CSVs). The support is offered to all carers  but particular preference will be given to younger and child/youth carers and families that’ve more than one carer responsibility.

The service ensures the needs of cares are identified and either supported by the service or signposted to another service. The programme aims to monitor the health and wellbeing of referred and identified carers (carers that may not be registered as such but which have been  identified through existing engagement). Offer emotional support and practical advice to reduce instances of ill health, both physical and psychological, and identify pathways to access services in the event of illness or identify early indicators of stress and mental health problems such as depression, identifying appropriate access routes to services.

Types of Support Offered:

CSVs will be able to offer practical support to minimise social concerns such as financial assistance, housing and education.

As an added value element the service offers training and support to members of the community to become CSVs thereby increasing integration with multifarious communities and enable a greater understanding and insight into carer responsibilities in new communities and harder to reach groups as per our commitment to engage with and understand these communities better. The organisation will endeavour to target recruitment of CSVs from emerging, minority and harder to reach groups to grow our understanding and better identify the needs of these communities which we can subsequently share with our partners in health and social care.



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